Why Dubsado is the Perfect Fit for Your Business


Why Dubsado is the Perfect Fit for Your Business

There are so many tools and CRM systems out there, that are supposed to help you run your business. And to be honest I was overwhelmed at first, because I was looking for ONE system that helps me to stay organized with my clients, financials, invoices, taxes etc. But I was not able to find a software that I liked, until I stumbled upon Dubsado, a California based CRM Platform. They immediately caught my attention because of their pretty and clean design. For me as a graphic designer a modern, uncluttered, and beautiful appearance is a huge plus, so I signed up for the free trial and after testing it out for a couple days I was sold.


I absolutely love that you are able to have everything set up with your branding. Not only your logo but your whole color palette. Forms, invoices, workflows, packages to payment schedules can be completely customized to your brand.


Writing contracts is a big part of my business and it took up a lot of my time. At Dubsado you can easily get your contract set up, signed and returned. Clients can open, approve and legally e-sign their contract all at once. I immediately receive a notification that the contract has been signed and I can get started with the project.


Not only can I set up contracts and invoices but I can also create custom workflows for each client, that triggers a chain of customizable actions. It keeps me on track and organized.

Overall I am super happy with this software and its customer service. If you’d like to try it out just click on the link below and use the code svenjalyondesign to get your free trial.

Svenja LyonCRM